Find Various Curling Irons by Blain Gowing

A thermal hairstyling tool that is used to create hair ringlets or waves is called a curling iron. This can be used for getting tight curls, loose curls or spirals. These different types depend on the type of barrel you use. Spiral irons should be used for getting precisely formed coils.

The classification of this hair styling tool is on the basis of the type of curls they produce and also the material that lines or coats their barrels. Metal plated or chrome plated barrels produce positive irons that opens hair shaft. They may cause dryness and damage to hair. Because of this, chrome irons are cheapest. And thus, it is recommended for those who seldom apply it.

Titanium or gold barrels are somewhat better than the chrome barrels since the heat is more evenly. They are also better conductors of heat and thus requests less amount of time to curl the hair. There is a hair protection mechanism in Teflon coated barrels. Unlike gold or chrome varieties. Teflon has a feature of keeping the hair from snagging on the barrel.

But this lining can chip away after sometime. Tourmaline and ceramic curling irons are greatly praised by hair stylists and users as being the healthiest option to curl your hair. They will give off negative ions that will propel the positive charge of the hair shaft. And this makes the smoother tresses.

Do not risk the health of your hair while using any type of products to curl or style your hair. You have to use a setting lotion or the protective serum on hair before using any curling iron. You should consider the condition of your hair before applying any heat styling.

If your hair is permed or color treated, you have to think twice before applying these thermal hairstyling tools or at least don't use it frequently. If you plan to use a curling iron on a daily basis, then invest in a tourmaline or ceramic one. It will keep your hair more attractive and healthier, even though it is pricey. You have to clean the barrel after every time you use it. You can use a paper towel to wipe away the buildup that is present on the cylinder.

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Salon Perfect Curls In The Comfort Of Your Own Home by Feel Good Essentials

Curling your hair at home can be a tricky process and it's definitely one that's best attempted with some help. These tips and tricks will help you achieve salon perfect curls that hold all day (or night) and although it's easier with some assistance you should get great results even if you're curling your own hair!

There are many different ways to curl your hair, this article will outline basic preparation and how to use the different heated curling methods.

You will need:

· Shampoo and conditioner that are suited to your hair type
· Volumising mousse
· Serum or shine spray
· Hairspray
· A Hairdryer
· One of the following
- Curling tongs
- Straighteners
- Heated rollers

Step 1 - Prepare

Preparation is key to getting curls that hold and look fantastic. If your hair has some curl in it naturally then a curl activating shampoo should help the process along, frizzy hair can be de-fuzzed with a smoothing shampoo for extra shiny curls and fine hair should be washed with volumising shampoo and conditioner for extra bounce!

Pat dry with a towel.

Apply some volumising moose to damp hair and dry as normal. Try and add volume at the roots with a large, round brush. If you're prone to frizz then now is a good time to add serum.

Step 2 - Curl

Split your hair into 3 sections with the top section starting at your temples, and the second at the top of your ears. Pin these sections up so that they're out of the way.

Curling Tongs method

Take 2 cm sections of hair from the bottom section and wind around the barrel. Leave for a few seconds and release. If you find your curls aren't holding either curl for a little longer each time or spritz lightly with hair spray before curling. Start on one side and work your way round, then move on to the other sections.

Straighteners method

As above but instead of winding your hair around the barrel clamp your hair close to your scalp with straighteners then twist them as though you're curling it under. This flicking motion should mean your hair wraps over the top of the straighteners and is then held between the plates. Then pull down slowly, the slower you move the straighteners to the end of your hair the tighter the curl will be. As before work your way around your head and up the layers. Once all of your hair is curled fix with hair spray.

Heated rollers method

Starting at the crown, section your hair into inch-by-inch squares. Wrap each section around a hot roller and hold in place with clips. Spritz lightly with hair spray. When the rollers have cooled unroll for loose, voluminous waves or pull straight out for tighter curls.

Now you can separate your curls with a wide-tooth comb, fix with hairspray and apply a little serum for shine. If any curls start to drop wind them around your finger and apply hairspray to bring them back.

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Using Hair Straighteners For Curling by Blain Gowing

You may think what a hair straightener can do with the curling process, but actually a hair straightener can also perform the curling process so that its task is not just confined to straightening the hair.

People who are unaware of the basics of styling with a hot styling tool may think that they need a separate straightening and curling iron for the different processes of styling. But, even though the primary aim of a straightening iron is providing straight and sleek hair, the newer models of flat iron that come with the two-in-one styling feature can be used for addressing the different hairstyles that you wish to acquire. You can easily get your hair straightened and curled or acquire any other trendy style with a professional flat iron.

You can thus save on purchasing different tools for different purposes. You should therefore look for a professional flat iron that can serve you with different styling options. It all depends on the quality of the flat iron and your creativity in twisting, twirling and pulling the flat iron to get the best suited hairstyles on your hair with perfection.

Here is how you can curl your hair with a hair straightener. Once you have done with the difficult task of choosing a good ceramic tool with dual styling option, you can do it easily with a single device. You will be provided with removable barrels with which you can create curls of different shapes and sizes. The most popular curly hairstyles are tight curls, wavy and messy curls, loose curls; spiral ringlet curls etc, all of them that can be easily acquired with a flat iron. But first, you should give your hair the strength to withstand the styling process.

Washing the hair and cleaning it with deep conditioners are important to retain the natural moisture of the hair during styling. The application of heat protecting products should also be remembered to make the hair fight against the heat of the styling tool. When your hair is prepared for it and has become completely dried, take equal sections of hair for styling. Avoid applying it on the whole hair. Twisting and twirling the iron will create lovely curls on your hair.

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